About Us

A summer program, which counts 21 years of history, is being organized for one more year by the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students. As early as 1997, the “Apovasis” program has been carried out in collaboration with Healthcare Units (Hospitals, Health Centers, Regional Rural Hospitals) and Local Government Organizations for Islands and other tourist destinations in Greece.

With this program, students have the opportunity to work in Healthcare Units of tourist destinations during the summer months. The participants are medical students from the Medical Schools of the country and must have completed at least the fourth year of their studies, thus ensuring the minimum clinical experience required of the participants.

The main objective is to offer volunteer assistance to doctors and health care staff. The strengthening of their work is important, not only due to the increased touristic activity during the summer months, but also to the current reality of refugee waves, which multiplies the needs for medical care.

In addition, the program aims to educate medical and prospective doctors in primary health care and in dealing with emergencies under real circumstances. Students have the opportunity to see and deal with common emergencies of touristic areas and to know the conditions of health provision in structures outside the University Clinics in which they practice according to the curriculum. For this year, student destinations will be more than 45, while each of them will offer voluntary medical assistance for 10 days.

The program contributes to the preparation of students for the rural service, the promotion of volunteerism as a way of life, the empowerment of a society of active citizens, the creative encounter of young people from different parts of Greece and the development of teamwork and cooperation.

We are grateful to our sponsors who are supporting the initiative of young people to improve society, even in this difficult economic period.

Apovasis 2019, then. A move by students for students to improve health care and education. We hope to have you with us in this effort in every way!