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General Information 2nd

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The registration for the 3rd Clinical Course of Internal Medicine includes :

  • Active Participation in Activities of the Course ( Round Tables / Workshops )
  • Attendance of the Scientific Program
  • Receipt of Material of the Course
  • Certificate of Attendance (Every participant will be given a barcode, with which they will receive the Certificate of Attendance, provided they will have attended the 60% of the total hours of the Scientific Program)
  • Participation in the Social Program (Coffee Breaks)

Ways of Participation

The registration for the 3rd Clinical Course of Internal Medicine is one and only and provides you the opportunity to participate in every activity of the course.

You can register using the form below or in the Secretariat of the Course in Agora Argiri during the course.

It is highlighted that the registration for the Course is FREE for all the participants.

Welcome Letters 2nd

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The Department of Patras of the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students with co-organizers, the Medical Department and the Deanery of the University of Patras are delighted and honored to invite you to the “2th Clinical Course of Internal Medicine for Medical Students and Medical Graduates” which will take place on October 9th -11th, 2015 at the Events Hall Agora Argiri, in the city of Patras.

The main goal of this Course is to enrich our knowledge and define questions that have been formed upon basic matters of Internal Medicine during its practice on a clinical level.

The Course WILL BE FREE FOR ALL THE PARTICIPANTS and our goal is to embellish our scientific program with clinical lessons, round tables, lectures and selected workshops with the participation of distinquished scientists with wide clinical experience and remarkable research project from multiple University and Medical Institutions in Greece and abroad, offering a unique three-day educational experience for Medical students and students from other Medical Sciences, as well as Junior Doctors.

After the extremely successful organizing of the 1st Course on September 28th-29th, 2014, our will is to add to this event an annual color, transforming the city of Patras to an annual meeting point of accomplished scientists, students and junior doctors from every part of Greece with the direct support and cooperation of the academic and scientific community.

Simultaneously with the organizing of the Course, we are delighted to present to you the writing and publication of a Special Manual, entitled “Emergencies in Internal Medicine” which will constitute valuable tool to every student and junior doctor at his effort for absolute comprehension and correct practice of Medical Science.

Supporters in our effort, were our teachers and professors with their valuable support not only for organizing the Course but for the publication of the Special Manual as well. We would like to thank them kindly, hoping we will prove ourselves to be worthy of the trust they showed us. Furthermore, we would like to thank all the members of the Organizing Committee of the Department of Patras of the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students, who with passion, fervor and creative ideas have contributed to the development of the Department so far and to organizing this Course.

Closing up, we would like to welcome you to the great city of Patras at the “2th Clinical Course of Internal Medicine for Medical Students and Medical Graduates” hoping you’ll have a beautiful and constructive three-day full of knowledge, prized experiences and most of all, beautiful memories.

The Presidents of the Course   Theodoros Marantos  

Alexandros – Leonidas Liarakos    





Honored co-workers, dear students,

I am pleased to welcome you to the 2nd Clinical Course of Internal Medicine for students and graduates of Medical School, which follows last academic year’s first successful event.

Organizing this Course is another proof of the quality of our students, who are struggling in these tough times to spread the word of contemporary medical knowledge and communication among the students and the scientists. In these terms, Workshops of emergencies and lectures of discrete speakers from multiple fields of Pathology like Nephrology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology and other specialties will be included in the program of the Course.

The 2nd Clinical Course of Internal Medicine is an initiative worth praising. It is our duty as members of the Scientific Society to stand next to you, supporting your efforts. Αn effort which will offer you not only job training but also conscientiousness and a sense of responsibility.

I wholeheartedly wish you good luck and keep on with your scientific and social work with the same passion and ethos, as The S.S.H.M.S. – Department of Patras demonstrates.



Dimitrios Goumenos

President of the Scientific Society

Professor of Nephrology

President of the Hellenic Society of Nephrology