After a short break of the last season the 5th CCIMS is here with one main aim : the preferences and the needs of the medical students. It is not possible to organize the CCIMS without Workshops, so this year the choices and the surprises will be more than ever !

It in undeniable that the theory must be combined with practice, so numerus of practical and theoretical Workshops will be held under the Scientific Program of the Seminar this year.

The Workshops are many but the most important is that they have been designed by a renewal team so as to correspond to the preferences and the interests of the students. The theoretical Workshops provide a clear clinical approach focused on the daily serious clinical cases with which the future doctor will come across. On the other hand, the practical Workshops provide clinical skills necessary for all the future physicians.

Our main goal is the most interactive participation of the students in this Workshops, without hesitation for asking a question or a passive attendance of another speech. The ideas have been discussed, the preparation has been completed and the results are ready to be evaluated !

Theoretical Workshops

In many cases, the primary healthcare seems like a very unfamiliar place for the new Doctors. But, is it really like this? The combination of knowledge, diferrential diagnosis and the use of the medical history, of the physical examination and of the methods of diagnosis will give the solution.

The next Workshops have been designed with the aim to prepare the new Doctor for the experience of the primary healthcare, and to familiarize him not only with the most common urgent cases which he will have to front, but also with the tools that he will have in his position, most of the times, so as to give the diagnosis for the good of the patient.

Practical Workshops

As students, we seek the knowledge of the basic clinical skills which are necessary for us. So, the best solution for the completion of our theoretical knowledge are the Workshops! 

The practical Workshops of the 5th Clinical Course of Internal Medicine & Surgery focus exactly on practical training. So, we are presenting you, first aid, basic principles of airway management and surgery practice, always taking under consideration the demands of the students.