by eefiecp, 28 November 2020

All the activities of our Scientific Society are organizationally supported by the members of S.S.H.M.S., who voluntarily make up the Organizing Committees.

By participating in an Organizing Committee, the members of S.S.H.M.S. undertake to organize theoretical seminars, practical workshops, and educational programs of local or panhellenic scope from start to finish. The implementation of each seminar usually includes preparing a scientific program, communicating and cooperating with all the members working on the project, and managing guest speakers – and trainers. The Organizing Committee is also responsible for finding resources and consumables, preparing promotional material, visual editing, and supervising the materialization of any event.

Thus, the members of Organizing Committees acquire new organizational and communicational skills and cultivate procedural dexterity that will be useful to them in resolving critical situations in their future endeavors. Ultimately, the rewarding outcome goes back to the teamwork and passion that all the members of the respective Committee share, as well as to their cooperation and mutual respect.

By addressing the local Chapters of our Society through the following contact details, you can learn more information and become an integral part of an Organizing Committee for upcoming events.